Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Everywhere you go, you always take the weather

I'm in quite a good mood today, although I'm missing M like crazy. His new job is not all it's cracked up to be.

But tell me news, not history.

T and I revisited the soft play on Monday, which went well: the lady in charge deigned to notice us this time, and complimented T's hair. It's looking particularly silky and golden after all the nit-hunting, so parasites are good for something, at least. I did the naughty thing of taking a book with me, and managed to get started, although I spent lots of time admiring the things T brought to show me, and helping him in the ball-pit. It's silly really, given my sociable overtures in some ways yesterday, that when I'm actually in contact with people I hide in a book... but that was Monday... Honestly, keep up!

After school, I took the children swimming. That went pretty well, although T hates his Floatie seat. I dream of him enjoying it, so I could swim floating him along, but no. It's hang onto Mummy in the pool or in the shallow bit with the slide. But I can see his point. I'd quite like to drift in the water, floating gently. But I'm not two years old: relaxation is not in his vocabulary. It's either awake and in furious motion, or asleep. :D S had a fine old time, she's getting better in the water.

Tomorrow she and I are going to try ice-skating again. I think we might get lessons if she stays enthusiastic about it.


Abby said...

Where is M and what's he doing and what's the job and what what what... maybe you could email me if it's confidential? Sorry I've not been around much. Got Mum staying.

Hippernicus said...

He's in Birmingham tonight, was in Wales last night. He should be back Thursday night.

It's the promotion he had, and so far he's been away overnight at least once a week. So much for the better hours and 9 to 5 existence!

Hope Lady Petunia is behaving herself! :D