Tuesday, October 17, 2006

She's like the wind

Or she's got the wind..

I've agreed to meet someone off the internet this afternoon, which is something I never thought I'd do. But it's been brewing for a while, in that M reckons internet discussions etc are a waste of my time and substitute for a real social life. He thought I should either get more involved and make it real, or stop altogether. I tried the latter for a while, (although this chat with M was not the only reason, by any means) and now I'm going to try going the other way.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained?

It's unusual for me to be proactive about trying to make friends: I got used to having a ready-made social life when we were in the pub trade and I've always been relatively anti-social/self-sufficient.

Just knowing I have a couple of good friends keeps me from worrying that I'm a weird loner (presumably with the potential to ascend clock-towers with firearms :D), but I have this nasty habit of taking them for granted and letting time pass. Anyhow, writing this blog today has suddenly made me think I better get a shift on and do something about my neglected pallywallikins, so in a burst of energy I've discussed it with M and looked into trains. It's do-able! I know T is old enough to survive quite happily without Mummy and M's more than willing to get rid of me for a night, so I'm hoping a trip to London in early December is in the offing. :D

Depends whether the friendies have had a gutful of me yet. Or have other plans. They have lives, you know.


Anonymous said...

And some of us friendlies are permanent weekend househunters with no social life anyway... :)

Hippernicus said...

Yay! You commented! You are out there. :D ;)

I'm glad you can fit me in between estate agents ;). It'll be great to see you!

I'm getting all excited about this jaunt. :D Gives me something to really look forward to.

Abby said...

Is that the Duty Roster?

Yes, why not come and visit! Always got time for you honeybunny.