Monday, October 02, 2006

Soft play

I took T to a soft play morning, and it was very pleasant. There was loads of nice equipment, and the hall was quite welcoming and clean, unlike some, which feel a bit run-down. T played very happily, and demonstrated the art of pushing trolleys into walls with glee.

The woman in charge wasn't particularly friendly and I felt she would have served everyone else with tea before me, if I had allowed myself to be a wallflower. Her eye seemed to skate over the newbie, in search of persons known. But I wanted a cup of tea so made myself visible. It reminded me a little of waiting to be served at a very busy bar, (although it wasn't busy at the tea table).

Of course, I may be imagining this interaction in a over-thinking, paranoid way :).

After an hour and a half, T volunteered to put his shoes on and go home, which was nice. I was dreading suggesting that we leave, in case he got a strop on and I had to peel him away shrieking, as sometimes happens at the library. But he was tired and had had enough of the company of his peers, it seems.

Anyhow, it went pretty well so I'm hoping to repeat this activity next week, possibly even exchanging a few more words with people there.

Or I might take a book. :D

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Abby said...

Cliquiness pisses me off. I remember at Mums and Tots, some people would talk to me until someone they liked appeared in their peripheral vision, then I knew I'd lost them and could never get them back. It was almost tempting to say something shocking just to see if their attention could be clawed back!

I used to find that one week it was an uphill struggle and the next week I would have a great time. So the key is to figure out which week is the good one and avoid it on the days when nobody's talking to me!