Tuesday, October 31, 2006


My mother in law sent me four pictures of her sofa.

It's a very nice sofa, don't get me wrong, it was just rather unexpected. (And she's an excellent mother in law, she really is lovely). There was no message with the email.

Didn't half make me laugh when I opened the attachments, and they were all sofas. :D

M was convinced the Brainy Baby DVD T was watching had "bull dung!" written on the little stacking men in some of the scenes, and I think he was planning in his mind a stiff letter of rebuke to the makers. It turns out it said "Bill Ding", (a pun upon building, y'know, I don't need to explain it, do I? ... But I will! :P).

Cackle some more.


Abby said...

Sofas! Haha! And you're just supposed to know what it's about.

Hippernicus said...

:D. It had me puzzled.