Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Any excuse

I'm looking forward to tonight: S has a fancy-dress party and she wants to go as a vampire. We found this gorgeous black party dress in Woolworths and a cloak to make it vampirey. And I've got face-paints from when we did a lot of theme nights at the pub, still unopened. I love doing face-paint: I did a fabulous (if I say so myself :P) Darth Maul on M one year and last New Year's Eve I did an ice-demon look on him, which worked very well.

We had a bit of a practice a couple of days ago, so it should be alright. S is very excited about the party, and she looks beautiful in the dress. I wasn't too keen on her having anything black, as it seems such an adult colour, but it does suit her and it'll work for other occasions than being a vampire. :D (Funerals, wakes, memorial services, goth meets, coven assemblies, evil atheist conventions, all those sombre occasions you take your 6 year old to, on a daily basis.. :P)

I've cut one pumpkin and have to do the other before the end of school, or I'll get a lecture. :D Pumpkins are a definite advance on my childhood, where we had to scrape out turnips. Now that was hard work!

It's a bit of a weird amalgam, Halloween: a mish-mash of paganism and Christian cultural imperialism, expatriated to the US and deported back with a rash of commercialism and trick-or-treating. But any excuse for a celebration in my book, whether it be Samhain, All Hallows Eve or Halloween. :D It's just fun to me.

I hope we don't get trick-or-treaters tho', cos I don't think we've got anything to give 'em but grapes. I'll just have to tell them it's eyeballs, should any dare to navigate our dimly-lit pathway this evening. :D