Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Strange exchange

As I was locking up, waiting for the automatic doors to close after me, one of a bunch of young lads was intrigued.

"Do you live there?" says he.
"No, it's an office," say I.

"Do you get paid a lot?"
"Nope," I reply and laugh ruefully.

He is close to the still-open door, peering in. "Smells like a hospital, is it a hospital?"
"It's just an office," I say.

"Is it a doctor's?"
"Doctor's office?" says another helpfully.
"Can you step back from the doors?" I ask.
He stands back and the doors finally close.

He gives me a sideways look and decides to up the stakes: "Is it an office for teaching paedos not to be paedos?"
He pauses to let me digest this. "Is it full of paedos?"
He tries again, "Like, lots of paedos in there?"
I turn the key in the locks and wonder what response he's hoping for.

One of his mates seems shocked by his bravado and calls him to come on, so he does.

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