Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bringing down Beyonce

According to my local radio station, Pirate FM, this is one of several pictures Beyonce's publicist tried to ban. Another take on the story (such as it is) is that the publicist suggested supplying their own shots instead, rather than trying to 'ban' the pictures from the internet. I love ban stories so much: they're generally just exaggerations/misrepresentations for a headline, like all the 'banning Xmas' or 'banning Baa Baa Black sheep' ones*.

So it's a bit of a non-story as far as I'm concerned (which to be fair sleb churnalism is to me anyway) but doubly so because of my instinctive reaction that the 'ban' will be a lot of hooey. And I'd have gone away and not thought anything more of it, but unfortunately I looked at the comments about this picture - and I just feel ill.

So many people so bloody eager to rip apart and judge Beyonce's body and face. There she is, putting her all into an aggressive, physical dance move and instead of seeing the beauty in the vigour and physicality of what she's doing, it's all sneering about imaginary flaws and imperfections.

To pass muster, the body must not have any movement in the flesh, no bulges, but at the same time be curvy with breasts & buttocks. Muscles should be toned, but not too toned lest you be mistaken for He-Man. The face should be perfectly made up and the expression within a narrow range of softly smiling vacancy to slightly lustful.

Basically the female form must be perfectly flexed and passively posed to be attractive.

Activity ruins that shit. You might look like you're enjoying yourself or something. You might look like you're not just waiting around for someone's approval on your body.

* Usually turns out a school is using different words for the song to teach colours, or just for a bit of fun even, and some news hack decides it's political correctness gorn madddddd. 

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