Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Miracle Day

I've never really watched Torchwood before, but I accidentally caught the repeat of the first episode in a new series, without knowing what it was at first. I got hooked and then, blow me down, Gwen and Captain Jack appeared.

I'll keep watching, although I do struggle with certain issues:

No. 1

There's no forgiveness in my heart for this atrocity committed against the Black Eyed Peas.

The BBC's obsession with Wales. What is it with Wales? They've sent Being Human there as well as having the alien-research secret organisation of Torchwood based there for how ever many series. Is it really the most likely location in the UK for alien activity and daring-do?

What I did like was Gwen shooting a big gun out the window with her baby on her hip. And my question about the man who blew himself up with the bomb in a world where no-one can die being answered in the same episode.

But dear zog, why was the entire series basically compressed down and shown at the end? I know the theory is to get you to want to watch the rest, but the first episode should (and did, for me) have that effect. The US-style trailering at the end really put me off. Not so much I won't watch, but I'm a whole lot grumpier about it!


Anonymous said...

It's on the same time as a brilliant Southern Irish drama on ITV called "Single Handed", you should watch that instead. I think some very influential people in the BBC happen to be Welsh and so are thumping the tub for having programmes made there. When Salford is the new home of the BBC I would love to see what effect that has, if new sitcoms are all Mancunian and if BBC English could (gasp) become Mancunian. Right sorted, mad fer it. I couldn't be bothered with Torchwood after there were so many unbelievable moments of people randomly sucking face just to shove it right in yer face that they're all "sexual beings". Given that most people I know seem very private or asexual or both I can't relate to that libidinous world. Also Capn Jack just rubs me up the wrong way. Abster

Mephitis said...

He'd like that, rubbing you up the wrong way, hurr hurr. ;)

Mephitis said...

And with regard to the comments I've removed from my blog, I'd like to say - I will not leave up comments that are poorly disguised attempts to promote your own sites, as stated in my comments policy. Thanks.