Friday, May 06, 2011


Questions from my online polls lately.

- Who at home is responsible for the tv remote control: one of the options being 'we pay someone to do it for us'. Yes, the butler does it, dahhhling.

- All religions are equally valid. With options for strongly agree, agree, disagree and strongly disagree. What about the option for equally INvalid? Haha.

- Do your friends follow a religion and to tick boxes for which ones. Atheism is included as a religion [head-desk], and there's no option for 'other'. I can understand not including any but the big-name religions, but surely an 'other' option for the happy heathens and ponderous pagans I know?

- Are milking cows male or female? Bloody hell.

And bizarrely,

- Do you think cows laugh?

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Anonymous said...

I like these quizzes! They certainly make you think. Are cows male or female if they give milk? I know of one recent advert that had them as male. Bizarre.