Friday, November 26, 2010

Won't someone think of the children?

The Grauniad had a teaser about Gillian McKeith on its front cover: something about the woman who has united public opinion (in disapprobrium, I imagine).

Well, having seen some of her antics in I'm A Celebrity .. Get Me Out of Here, it'd be hard to defend her, and I was already rather negative about her looooonnnng before that, ever since it came out about her misleading use of the honorific "Doctor".

But while commentators and the public wind themselves into ecstacies of ridicule, I just keep flashing on the picture of her pale-faced sixteen year old daughter. So the interview she did worked on someone.

From time to time I love a good bitching session, especially about someone who seems a charlatan, but it's all dust and ashes when I think about that teenager. Bah.


ellie said...

I haven't watched it, but was rather shocked by the outpourings of bile towards her even though I don't like her or silly pseudo science program. I was particularly alarmed by the mocking references to her 'hump'. What century are we in again?

Didn't know about her daughter though, that is sad.

Mephitis said...

I don't know. We're apparently a post-feminism, post-disablism, post-compassion & post-empathy society sometimes 3).