Friday, May 07, 2010

24 hr election

I'd never have thought I'd happily spend nearly 24 hours watching election coverage, but I did.

It was fun watching Channel 4's alternate election night, although I have to ask that most important of questions - what was going on with Charlie Brooker's hair? Someone attacked him with a tub of brylcreem or something. But he must have fought them. I'd hate to see the other guy.

Jimmy Carr, whom I can usually watch stony-faced*, made me laugh several times. His description of expense scandal politicians as pigs fucking other pigs while stuffing their piggy faces with stolen pig-food, or some such, made me very happy.

During the day, me and himself watched the BBC coverage, and it was really good fun bitching about it together. We both found it really absorbing and exciting, trying to work out what's going to happen next.

I have to admit I didn't enjoy talking about it with my mum later on - it's the being on the same page that makes it enjoyable. I find it hard to make coherent arguments against my mother, we don't really do arguing. It's winding each other up jovially and skirting issues we excel at.

* Although I usually switch over rather than sitting stony-faced, unless he's demonstrating his zebra.

Ooh, 900th post! Good grief.


Anonymous said...

Charlie Brooker's hair was full of win. He's simultaneously selling out *and* becoming much more sexy so I'm all conflicted, he's turning from a sexy thing into a guilty secret sexy thing. Abster

Mephitis said...

Haha :D. It had a strange sheaf thing going on. Tamed yet not tamed, much like the man himself.