Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I haven't been more pleased about an election result since '97 when the Tories went one by one. I always remember Hislop on Have I Got News For You laughing about how conversations the next day were about how long people stayed up for and who they saw go "Did you stay up for Portillo?" and so forth.

We watched it through the wee small hours. We didn't want to go to bed until it was definite, even though the Beeb were telling us it was cut and dried, just in case the remaining states had had a major brain fart and voted completely contrary to their polls and Blue state status! When California's results came in and the magic 270 was passed, it was just fabulous. I finally went to bed when he had 333 and McCain had 155.

I couldn't ever quite believe in him actually winning, despite hoping, because of the US's racial history. I'm so glad that the nagging doubt I had was misplaced. Whoo! I also love the fact that apparently it was the biggest election turnout by the US electorate since the '60s. Take that apathy!


Let's hope so.


canadian sadie said...

Hope. There's been a lot of that during this campaign. Here's to that. :)

Anonymous said...

We stayed up till just after midnight but were too tired to follow it all. We learnt the result in the morning via Lee's mobile phone connection to the internet. Hooray! We watched his acceptance speech about fifty times yesterday. And Lee changed our computer to show "Obama 08" wallpaper. It seems very exciting. In terms of America's racial history, I think that Hollywood deserves some thanks for all the blockbuster films of recent years that have starred Morgan Freeman as President of the US. I think that sort of thing helps people to think "Yes, it could happen and wouldn't it be great." That's just my theory. Abster x

Mephitis said...

Yes. Nice to 'see' you, Sadie. :)

I think popular entertainment probably does have a part to play in changing public perceptions, Abs. :)