Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Savage garden

Today we were sorting out the garden a bit, M burning hedge trimmings in the back garden and me digging up a tree stump. Which sounds more impressive than it is, it's only a small tree stump, and I still haven't managed to get it out. Mostly due to a sudden popping noise in the background.

Oh, what happened there, thought I, and tootled round to the back garden to find it deserted apart from the bonfire burning away. I found M indoors, having had something explode in the fire and hit him. In case any of you are excessively worried, I'll get on and relieve the suspense - he's OK although with a very impressive bruise and nasty looking wound on his torso. Later on, I found the remains of a battery: it must have been hiding in a cardboard box he burnt, all unbeknownst. All in all, I guess he was pretty lucky in an unlucky way - could have been his face or one of the kids, who were playing on the trampoline.

I like a dull life, me. All this excitement is no good at all.

1 comment:

Steg said...

Excitement of that kind is sorely over-rated.

Glad he's okay!