Friday, April 25, 2008

Alas poor Pinky

His bucket is well and truly kicked. I can't help feeling he was better off before I treated him for his swim-bladder problem. And it's hard to argue that, since before I did, he was alive and now he's dead.

I am tempted to dispose of him in the bin, but I'll hang onto him in his Lemsip coffin until this afternoon. Last time I secretly disposed of a critter, I had to make up a graveside when S came back to me a few days later wanting to know where it was buried. Ahem, #embarrassed cough#.

She's taken the death remarkably well so far, just looking a little sad, while T just said "Oh dear, Pinky's dead, " and played with his cars some more. It wasn't unexpected. And a fish doesn't quite have the cuddlie-wuddlieness of our other more popular pets, the guinea pigs.


Anonymous said...

Oh, dear - the death of a fish - always rather traumatic. I know what you mean, as my attempt to treat Tom's fin rot ended equally unsuccessfully, poor thing.

Eddie was distraught at the time, but subsequently forgot all about it until a few days ago, eight months later, when a propos nothing he had a good cry about it for ages.

Mephitis said...

S has been relatively heartless about dead pets until recently. When Jimmy the 'amster carked it, she gleefully jumped up and down on his grave (to make sure the earth was firmed down, allegedly) much to the disapproval of my gran.

But she occasionally laments the passing of Fluffy and Thomas(also 'amsters) now.

Thomas was the victim of grave robbery by some neighbour's pet, but I've managed to conceal this horror from her. :) Oh dear, I find it funny and I really probably shouldn't.

canadian sadie said...

So sorry for your loss.

Have you considered sushi? I hear it's all the rage in the 'alternative' funeral services communities.

(probably a REaLLY good thing I don't have children, considering my extreme heartlessness in 'difficult' times)

ellie said...

Oh dear - the fish we have buried through the years, too numerous to count now.

Many years ago when my neice was 3 her goldfish died, my husband rushed out for a replacement before she noticed. Unfortunately they only had little ones when the original had been somewhat bigger. Her response?

'Ooh, Billy's gone tiny'.