Thursday, February 14, 2008

Village people

Small townspeople have a reputation for having nasty little minds to go with their nasty little abodes. Cities claim cosmopolitanism. I think people are pretty much the same everywhere: it's just a matter of solution strengths. The more people you have around, the easier it is to pick and choose whom you associate with and take notice of. In cities everyone does not know everyone and therefore cannot entirely have a set-in-stone opinion of all and sundry, (although no doubt some try their damnedest!) Thus the gossipmongery is watered down and it's far simpler to get away from one set of nobs to join in with another set of nobs who seem a bit nicer.

The reason I'm chuntering on about this, is because it was openly, even proudly, told to us that the previous inhabitant of our house was ostracised by the village, or a large portion thereof. They seemed happy that their behaviour at least contributed to her departure. This because she was Wiccan.

So nice that prejudice is alive and well.

When my mother moved into the area, recently widowed with a tiny baby (that was me!), she was treated abysmally by the same sort of people. They subjected her to bullying, innuendo, gossip and ostracised her. She was supremely vulnerable and they were #very bad words indeed#.

On a darkly funny note, I've discovered that the memorial tree for one of the ringleaders in this spite keeps on dying. Once it was water-logging, once it was rodents, once it was Sheffield Blight. "Not in my name!" cries the tree and carks it. Mwahahaha*.

*OK, this probably reflects badly on me to be amused by that, but... meh.


canadian sadie said...

Three cheers for karma!

Sorry for the tree and all, but do you think they might take the hint eventually? It's never a good thing to memorialize blatant bigotry and meanness. Sometimes, people stink.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Interesting what you said about cities. I've seen some very shitty behaviour from people here in this big city.... alas, school gate types, and that is a bit like a community in that your children are stuck there and you have to play nice or at least pretend to get on with people who are *not very nice word*. But given the chance I'd far rather hang out with people who were less like nobs.

Do you think the tree keeps dying cos the Wiccan person in your house put a curse on the tree, or am I stupidly extrapolating there?

My Mum lives in a small village and I heard some gossip about how Mrs this and Mr That were seen in a layby together making the beast with two backs. It seemed quite susprising that people care! But then, I suppose you would, if you didn't have a bigger pool of friends. Abster xx

Mephitis said...

No, the tree was for the guy who was nasty to my mum, not the Wiccan woman.

Mephitis said...

Does seem like Karma, Sadie. :D