Wednesday, January 30, 2008


My body is full of broken glass.
Big shards clink dully,
press against my skin.
I know if I look down,
I'll see their sharp outlines,
pushing out as though I were made of rubber.

I don't dare look down.

I sit afraid to move:
the noise of the glass grates on my ears
and it will pierce me through.
No-one can touch me;
I cannot press my fingers to my sides,
it'll slice through my skin and cut my fingertips.


canadian sadie said...

horrifying feeling. beautiful words.

Anonymous said...

I love this.

I always say I have black ice in my eyes...

I just found you today via The Smirking Cat and will keep reading.

Thanks for posting ;)


Mephitis said...

Glad you both liked it. Or could relate. Although it'd probably be better (for you) if you couldn't! :D

And hello, welcome, gertrude. :)