Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Making it worse? How could it be worse?! Jehovah!"

As a teen, I lived somewhere that was visited regularly by Jehovah's Witnesses. I suppose a lot of places are: you get out of the habit of having unsolicited callers when you live-in. I remember pairs of over-scrubbed and earnest, suited young men from those days.

It seems new to me, the visiting with children. But as a teenaged girl, I would probably remember earnest young men more...

Anyway, I see the logic in it. Nothing says family like a family standing there. Two earnest young men says cult. Sorry, pairs of earnest young men. The couple with the baby in the pushchair who went round the old village I thought was quite charming really. I like babies... I'm not so comfortable about the man and little girl that came to my door this morning. She was about my daughter's age and it gives me pause. Maybe people are less likely to slam the door and be horrendously rude when there is a child there? I hope so. My very very brief stint doing door-to-door sales still makes me shudder. It's not something I'd want my child doing.

I suppose children love to do what their parents do and she may really want to go evangelising with her dad. I presume he was her dad.

JWs always seem to start off with "Are you worried about the way the world is going?" To which I usually reply "No", which throws them a bit. I wouldn't want to have lived at any other time in history, I don't think. I rather doubt there's ever been a golden age. Hunter-gatherer times might have been interesting, but then I'm not that keen on getting rained on or outdoor toileting.
The biggest fear factor for me is religious fundamentalism and fanaticism currently, which I doubt is something that religion can help me with! At least JWs are apolitical, I suppose.

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KevDog413 said...

I don't mind JW's, that doesn't mean that I wouldn't mess with them if they knocked on my door one morning, but they're actually pretty easy going. I guy at my work is a JW and he is probably the nicest man I have ever met, He's one of the people I know who really makes me wish there was a heaven