Monday, September 24, 2007


Today some papers arrived that I had been grumpily thinking about last night.


Except the other myriad times they didn't turn up when I'd been thinking about them grumpily in the night kind of outweighs the one time they did.


Anonymous said...

I regularly wake up and look at my mobile phone seconds before receiving a text message. Often I pick it up and then I get a text message. I think I can hear the noise it makes receiving a text(you can hear it by putting a mobile next to your computer speakers). Most of the time, I correctly guess who is texting me too.
T'other day, I was thinking to myself "I should phone my sister and tell her I love her cos she's just been at Mum's house", and at that exact moment my son said "I love you Mummy". I choose to find these things spooky! You should too, it's harmless fun. Abster xx

Hippernicus said...

I find the explanation more fun. :D