Monday, August 13, 2007

Spiderpig, spiderpig

We went to The Simpsons Movie at the cinema. It was a purely positive experience: the children both sat enthralled and there was no trouble, no dropped popcorn as soon as we bought it ('tho it was close!), no million visits to the loos, no "no likey Simpsons", no trying to wander off nor climbing from seat to seat, just perfectly behaved children watching a film.

I think it was probably familiarity with The Simpsons that helped T keep interest and at just under 90 minutes, it wasn't too long for him. I was happy too with the children's snack pack that the Vue cinema did: £1.99 for some popcorn, sweets and a drink, all in an easy to carry & get-at cardboard tray. It was the right sort of amounts of everything, and not having to manage 2 floppy-but-full boxes of popcorn, 3 drinks that squeeze-too-hard-and-they-spurt, tickets, change, keys and cards all at once really made a difference.

It was a funny film, although I'm not sure it was quite as funny as the guy in the back, who absolutely honked with laughter, thought it was.

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