Thursday, August 09, 2007

Dead sheep and wet dogs

I had to laugh when in the corner of a field cum car-park, I spied a 4x4 having trouble escaping a muddy rut. As Nelson would say, har har.

It did eventually rock its way out and the bloke behind the wheel looked slightly abashed. As well he might.

I have a rational or possibly irrational hatred of those things.

One was parked extraordinarily badly at an extremely busy park and ride car-park the other day, and the temptation to key the damned thing was great. Having to squeeze past it in its crazy "that'll do, I can't park for toffee and who cares, I'll just abandon it there" angle in the car-park, with its pristine* paintwork and its stupid wingmirrors just at clock-you-in-the-back-of-the-head height, did nothing for my temper after trawling round many a car-park in search of a space. I suppose other cars are equally badly parked and driven at times, but the 4x4 is just so very noticeable and it says, obnoxiously, "I'm rich, yah boo sucks, I'm poncy, I'm going to kill you with my bullbars if you're an unlucky pedestrian, I'm a fuel-guzzling beast of a machine, I won't see you if you're behind me and I certainly won't give way on the road even if it's your priority because I'm bigger and I'm a bastard." Doubtless there are exceptions to this, nice considerate 4x4 drivers out there probably enraged out of their nice consideration by me now, but frankly I'm tarring you all with the same brush, so neah, yah boo sucks!

* The pristine paintwork bothers me, cos I think 4x4s should only be used by farmers and such-like who get them dirty and fill them with straw, hay and animal feed. They should smell of dead sheep & wet dog and be covered in mud. Obviously said farmers would never wash or valet their vehicle.

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Anonymous said...

I know a 4x4 driver.... she lives in a big house and makes snobby comments about people who are single parents and live on my estate...she boasts about her career in the city and says politically incorrect things about the local Korean immigrants.... I say key the car next time. With a clear conscience. :) Abster xx