Sunday, July 01, 2007


This morning the children and I went to see Shrek the Third. We got into our seats fairly early, and I was amused and somewhat raised-eyebrowed at the music they played initially as we waited: an excitable rock band with a social conscience pounding out some views on immigration and prostitution. Happily it was replaced by more mainstream music that wasn't going to raise any interesting questions from small listeners.

Not that they were listening: there was popcorn.

The film was good fun and I can see ourselves getting it on DVD eventually. It didn't really engross S, tho: she must have gone to the toilet four times, which seems an awful lot even if she did drink a big fizzy drink. T was very good for a small boy; he did get restless towards the end, but he didn't kick up a stink.

In other news, I hate Boots because of their advert for getting ready for the beach (which may well be moot in the absence of any sunshine). On a hectically busy beach everyone turns and stares at a new arrival until she reveals herself to be "beach-gorgeous". Blah. I know advertising uses fears of its target audience (or even attempts to create fears), but that's just far too blatant. It makes me want to grab advertising executives by the shoulders and shout into their faces until they have to wipe off the spittle.

I know women who claim to be too self-conscious to take their kids to the swimming pool, forblimeyguvnorluvvaduck's sake, (I occasionally suspect they may just not want to take their children to the pool. Which is fine, but own up to it!) While I would wish to kick their buttocks and tell them to get over themselves, it makes me mad when we're presented with this appearance-is-everything drivel in advertising. When people apparently buy into it.

Another one that annoys me is the one about being self-conscious about having cracked heels.

Oh no, I may have a few small but visible flaws! Save me, aieeeee! To anyone who does worry unduly about cracked heels, I'm sorry, but you have way too much time on your hands.

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