Saturday, July 07, 2007

On going to Pete

I have seen signs about the place with Pete inscribed in the middle. Who is Pete and why would I wish to know about him? And what does this Pete need signs about him for?

Turns out he is an outdoor arrangement of stalls and games, with a bouncy castle. From which S won some sweeties at Hoopla and I came away with a rather nice top and a linen dress for £1.50. Both fit and I declare myself the newly crowned bargain bucket queen.

The other major activity of the day was to clean our skip-on-wheels. The advice I would give to anyone is
a. never ever allow children to eat in cars.
b. or have crayons. Crayons are made from wax, you see. Cars get hot. Which is plainly a marvellous combination (if you like multi-coloured puddles on your dashboard, and who wouldn't?) and one I should have foreseen.
c. never dig round in the recesses of a child-seat unless you have a strong stomach. "No, no, you can't. It's impossible, I swear it. I've looked into it. Listen to me, listen to me. There are things in there, there's a tea-bag growing." [/Withnail and I]

Still the car looks nice now and in a spirit of hope, I have put a small bin between their seats.

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