Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fiddle faddle

I have been messing with my labels on my blog, trying to cut the number of different ones down. The intention being to create more again by dividing large sections such as "thinkie-thinks" into smaller groups. Let's face it, this is a time-wasting exercise on my part: pointless indeed (and no doubt interesting only to myself), but it's like spring-cleaning without it actually involving effort!

If I should disappear up my own backside, don't worry: what goes up must come down, and all that.

It's because I have so much I should be doing: like packing, painting, filling in holes, strimming, cleaning. It keeps raining, which makes carrying boxes to the car a dash-with-heavy-weight sport, and Magnus Samuelsson I am not. Strimming, which I love, isn't really an option in the wet - and the decorating is something I keep putting off. It's a whole house, you see. The only room we don't want to change right now, this instant, is the bathroom. And that's only because it's reasonably smart - it is a purple, however, that we're not mad about. So it's on the evil "to-do eventually" list. I was happy enough with the kitchen, but M doesn't like the green, and since we moved a cupboard, it does need doing.

Happily the pond in the front garden has been filled in for us, as it was quite an eyesore in black plastic and far too big & deep to have small children around. The result looks like this:

It could have done with a little more filling, I think, but not to worry.

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