Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Unexpected visitor

I heard a fluttering in the window. For a second, I thought the cockatiel had escaped, although I couldn't imagine how, unless T had opened the cage door. But it wasn't, it was a robin. Daft thing had ventured into the house when the door was open and was panicking.

Fortunately, this being an old cottage with windows set deep into the walls, which are about two feet thick, it was a simple matter to keep it in the window while trying to capture it in a cloth. It had unfortunately chosen one painted shut to bash itself against, so opening it to let it out wasn't an option. I let it go in the garden and it seemed none the worse for its experience.

It stopped and gave me a bit of a look before flying off.


Abby said...

Hi there. Poor Robin. I remember birds flying into the glass of my grandparent's big windows. Quite funny really, but not for the birds.

How are you? I thought I had broken the bones in my left hand today by bashing it on the bathroom door and so went to a Minor Injuries Unit at the hossy across the road from our old college. It's all brand new there, very nice. You wouldn't recognise it. It's not broken but hurts like hell. Last day of term tomorrow, hooray!

Hippernicus said...

Hope your hand feels better, ow!