Sunday, April 29, 2007

Snickers for Mr T

Pure joy! Causes much snickering in our household. See what I did there?

I must be the demographic the advertisers are looking for. Well, actually no, I take that back - for I don't like nuts much. I'd never choose a Snickers out of a bunch of chocolate bars, unless it was amongst a bunch of Snickers bars or fruit & nut and I really wanted some chocolate of any kind and was prepared to overlook the nut factor. Which doesn't happen too often.

And another thing, why did they change its name to Snickers? I still think of it first as a Marathon. But I am fairly decrepit.

While I talk advertising, a quick rant about the AA advert with the woman picking up her teenage son and rolling her eyes cos he won't respond to her.

Is it any wonder he ignores her when she is clearly the most boring, ghastly woman in the world? All she can muster as conversation is getting her car insurance ... on-line. In a stupidly smug and aren't-I-clever voice.


What kind of response could anyone give in such a conversation? "Oh very nice, now why don't you tell me all about the interesting way your paint dries?" perhaps. I'm definitely on the teenage son's side on this one, when presumably I ought to be rooting for the mother.

Don't look into her eyes, boy, head down and ignore that dreary hausfrau - it's only a five-minute journey and then you can run, run, run like the wind!

I know it's not real...

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