Wednesday, April 25, 2007

By the light of a silvery moon

Tonight, as I had my customary wonder* about outside, the moon was looking especially spiffing.

It was a little fuzzy, a half-moon with a great soft halo sweeping around it in a huge circle, everything within it slightly darker than the rest of the night sky. It was rather lovely and spectacular. Sadly my camera is useless for such things, so it shall just have to stay a picture in my mind.

And what's out there, up there, has been on the news today, potentially an earth-like planet discovered twenty or so light years away. Fascinating, as Mr Spock would say.

Edited to add that, coincidentally, I've just seen that the PrimitivePerson had a close encounter of the bald kind with Patrick Stewart. How very apposite on such a day.

I could almost sulk about that.

* pun intended.

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