Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Painted lady

Today in a fit of pique or Spring fever or something, I painted the kitchen.

Well, three quarters of it.

I should have really managed it all, were it not for having to clean & move furniture as I went. It would have made more sense to clean the oven, wash the dishes and put them away before I began to paint, but that would have put me off! I had painting energy not housework energy.

Tomorrow I have to move the food cupboard before doing the last wall, and it's a choice between taking out all the food or risking trying to shift it full and there being a clank of falling tins, a thunk of jars and a drizzle of rice all over the floor. If you know me at all, you know my choice is bound to be the latter, and the dear old vax will probably be picking up rice for days to come!

S heard a rumour I had painted the kitchen, and went to look over my labour. She came back in and said it looked no different. Yes, it does! It was dirty white walls with various stains and a filthy skirting board. Now it is magnolia. I know, I know, magnolia, paint of kings. But it was free... and it was free... and it was paint!

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