Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Chuffed as a chuffed thing, because my mum's LP has been returned with CD, and I can listen to the music! :D

And the LP has been cleaned and is all nice & shiny. It was really quick and I'm happy. I've been annoying M by playing the CD on various things around the house - it would play on the PC and CD player, but not on the DVD player (and don't duhhh-me, it does usually play CDs as well as DVDs :P). But we can't have everything.

I'm really pleased with the Vinyl Replica people. Bless their cotton socks. :D


Abby said...

That picture! Bless!!!! Don't they just look unutterably singular!

I've got two songs downloaded now and was pleased to note I could sing along to every line, and the choruses and bridges, all after not hearing them for oooooh 14 or 15 years?? Amazing how the human brain retains useless bits of information!

Hippernicus said...