Thursday, February 01, 2007


In my self-appointed mission to get a vinyl album of my Mum's transferred onto CD, my caution knows no bounds.

There's a business on-line that transfers such material, so I'm sending them the LP. First I layered it with cardboard, then surrounded it with bubble wrap, then stiff brown paper. I'm also going to label it vigorously & sternly as "fragile!" and send it recorded.

I do like to add strangely dull photos. :P

As a back-up, I searched for another copy of the LP, and when I found it on Ebay, bought it. This was a bit premature, don't you think? I should have waited until Mum's copy is lost by the post office, half-inched by scammers or broken by either, before buying its replacement. :D

Chances were that the copy on Ebay would have failed to sell as it did on its previous outing and be put up for auction again. But I didn't like to risk it and be unable to find another in the event of it all going wrong. So now I have to worry about getting the transfer done and wait for the extra one to come as well! :D

Oh well, it's important to me. And I blame A for reminding me of the music, for now I hunger for it in listenable form. :D

I've also registered M & I for tickets for Glastonbury. You can't actually buy any until the 1st of April, but register (with photos and everything) you can. It doesn't mean you'll actually be able to get a ticket or anything, just sets the wheels in motion. I haven't been to a festival in years, and M looked all startled that I would want to try to go.

But there's life in the old gal yet. I think. And it does rest on a few (possibly dodgy) assumptions: that my Mum will babysit, we will have the spare money and we will be able to get tickets. Oh, and a tent. :D


Abby said...


I love you and want to have your babies.


Very excited!!!!!

Stegbeetle said...

Would you be so kind as to send me a link to the company that performs such technical wizardry, please. And warn me if they bugger up your Mum's vinyl.

Hippernicus said... are the people I'm trying. I'll let you know how it goes! :D