Sunday, February 25, 2007

The English croked

Strange to hear the English national anthem in Croke Park, but fabulous, historic even. I believe it is the first time an English team has played there. The lack of massacres on this occasion was a good thing.

For the ill-informed or uncaring, it was the Six Nations Ireland vs England match. (And for the very ill-informed, the massacre was on Bloody Sunday). The game was great and the Irish won, deservedly. In fact they pounded the English team. (By rights, I should support the English team, but I'm not big on nationalism: don't really understand being proud of where you were born. It just happens. It's a good place to live, but you won't see me waving any flags anytime soon). I supported Ireland because it's more fun cheering along with M.

I've always liked rugby better than football, which isn't saying a lot to tell the truth, but this is the first year I've been genuinely interested and excited by it. Great fun.

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