Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The colour of my water

Yesterday the water supply to the area was cut off for an hour or two due to some pipe crisis.

Today it's a most disgusting colour. The glass (left) contains orange cordial that I was intending to water my son with: rather nice white scum layer, eh? The one on the right is just water straight from the tap.



Abby said...

Worrying about that internet site woman. I wonder when it will break as a news story? It doesn't seem at all hopeful for her, does it. No word for days. Oh dear.

Hippernicus said...

I hope it's just that she's been incommunicado only for selfish reasons and that nothing has happened to her.

I suppose another possibility might be that she's done a bunk.

But it is very worrying. :(

Abby said...

I can understand her going incommunicado from the website, but from her own family???? That's worrying!

Hippernicus said...

Of course not, wasn't referring to the site at all. :)

No-one there was expecting to hear from her until she got back, afaik.