Friday, January 12, 2007

Bunnymen cont.

Mucking about with nature? Well, we do that a lot, and using animal cells denuded of their DNA, is it similar or very different to putting pig valves in people's hearts? Questions, questions...

I suppose that sometimes things are done just because they can be...

And obviously mistakes are made. Like thalidomide being given to pregnant women in the '50s. (Although, nonetheless, it is a successful treatment for an agonising skin condition related to leprosy and is under research regarding some cancers, arachnoiditis and Crohn's disease).

Somewhat dubious practices occur, such as where OAPs have been given fertility treatment in some countries. I'm not sure what to make of that, either, tbh. Just because someone is older does not make them a bad parent, but I would have thought it would be emotionally healthier if someone of that age was living the next stage of their life or was more interested in their grandchildren (as I seem to remember at least one of the cases the woman had adult children already). I can't imagine going through the baby stages again at that age, it nearly killed me the first time round. :D But I guess it isn't for me to dictate how someone else feels or how they should live their life.

I know an argument against is the likelihood of the parent dying early in the child's life, but younger people die too. It's not an argument that wholly stands up to scrutiny, yet of course, the chances statistically are higher that the older person will die sooner.

It's a difficult subject. I think I'll leave it there for further rumination.

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