Saturday, December 09, 2006

It's time to party like it's 1999.

It's a bit of a social whirl this weekend. At least for the young uns.

Today we had the local children's Christmas party, to which I took S, T and her friend M. It was a good party, with a clown doing magic (and fortunately failing to terrify any children). Then a break for party nosh, followed by games, singing and Santa.

M and S were great and joined in with everything while behaving as behoves well-behaved children :D. T was a pleasure as well: he was trying to boogie down and do all the older children did. He loved the whole thing, sat enthralled for most of the magic show, ate his food at the table, no tantrums, no tears, no nuisance-making of any kind. It was most relaxing.

He found a shadow, a slightly older toddler who pursued him everywhere and seemed absolutely fascinated by him, (to the consternation of T, myself and his parents at times). He wasn't always content to follow him around, if T stopped moving, he would push him with his stomach and sometimes lean right into his face and bellow some sort of toddlerese, (either meant as encouragement or some deadly insult, who can tell?) Once he managed to stand on T's trousers, trip him up and then fall on top of him. I don't think his mother had a very relaxing time, and I felt a lot of sympathy for her, as her boy was everywhere at once, she couldn't take her eyes off him for a second, and obviously he was hounding T some of the time as well.

She was probably worried I'd get the arse about it. But T is quite used to bigger children chasing him and accidentally trampling him underfoot. :D

Tomorrow we have an early birthday party for S. I must ice some buns and fill some party bags in a minute.

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