Sunday, November 12, 2006


It was an interesting weekend.

On Friday night, I had yet another stomach episode: is this IBS? I'm not sure, but it's bloody horrible. (I've got a doctor's appointment on Monday). I needed two hot water bottles that night, instead of just the one. Luckily I have two, one a bit floppy that curves round my stomach and one stiffer one that rests against my back. They have to be extremely hot to give any relief. It went on for ages and I was in no fit state for much of anything for most of Saturday.

But in the afternoon M and I went into town, and bought me some books with my book token. I got the 101 Incredible Experiments for the Shed Scientist, which sounds like fun: making slime and rockets and solar batteries. I don't have a shed but I don't suppose it's vital :D. I can always borrow Mum's garage. It looks like there'll be things to try with S (and T as he gets older).

I also got Sue Grafton's S is for Silence. I wonder what she'll do for Z and X? I hope she doesn't resort to X is for eXecution or something like that :D. It has to be crime-related, even if tenuously, so it makes it pretty difficult.

And finally I got Dawkins' Selfish Gene. I was tempted by his new one The God Delusion, but at £20 in the shop, it was a bit blooming steep. The voucher was for £20, so I could get a couple of books for that instead. I see if it hits library shelves anytime soon, and if not, wait for it in paperback.

In the evening, we mooched about, ate Chinese and watched DVDs. The Chinese was a bit of a cheat, in that we bought it from Marks & Sparks, but it was very pleasant. We had sticky chilli chicken, crispy aromatic duck and spring rolls: yummy. But the cucumber supplied with the duck made us laugh: it was a little bit of a stingy portion. :D

The box instructed us to chop it into batons. #Cackle#.

For DVDs we had chosen Mission Impossible 3 (despite Cruise. Bloik!) and The Weather Man. The latter was an impulse by me, and a bit of a mis-step. For some reason I was expecting it to be funny, and it was not. Or not very often. And Nicholas Cage, who is sometimes strangely intriguing to me, had floppy hair and I didn't like that. M hated it and I found it hard-going: we weren't looking for anything to make us think or anything bleak, and this film was more in the thinky-bleak category. Oh well.

Mission Impossible 3 - well, I don't know what that's like - the wrong DVD was in the case and we had acquired Fun with Dick and Jane, a Jim Carrey film, by mistake. It was quite funny. Hopefully we'll get to watch Mission Impossible 3 for free now.


Abby said...

Hi there!

I saw The Weather Man, and it was grim. But still I quite liked it, and Splee would watch Nicolas Cage reading the phone book so we ended up happy. We were out in London at the pictures so we were just glad to be out on our own!

You can have my copy of "God Delusion" once I have finished reading it (and I would probably want to use it for toilet paper meself), funny I was just thinking you would like it. I didn't want to buy it but got it second hand through Amazon so at least Mr Christian hater Dawkins won't get any of Splee's hard-earned. I'm reading it in a competition with an atheist on a messageboard who has offered to read a Christian book of my recommendation. So I must read it. But I doubt I'll want to keep it, like I said.

I love books about science experiments for children too!

Hippernicus said...

Oh that'd be very lovely of you. I'd be happy to save the rottweiler from your toilet. :D

What's your opposition reading?

Abby said...

A Josh McDowell book.