Thursday, November 16, 2006


Half Past Dead was on telly last night and I watched some of it with M. Not a lot, although as is usual, M watched the whole thing. I think he is physically unable to switch off movies: his finger will not move to press that button.

Steven Seagal has a massive head, it looks to me like a latex mask. I wonder who would be under it, if you pulled it off รก la Scooby Doo. (You meddling kids). We call him Fat-head. It's not exactly the most amusing or inspired nickname, but it suffices: "Fat-head's on telly, " say I. "Oh right, " says he, switching over to it. (M likes action flicks, even if they are rubbish with Fat-head in them :D)

Once I saw a film with him in it where he was making movie-whoopee with a lady (please read with Little Britain voice). Yikes. More stomach-churning than titillating.

Talking of "romantic" scenes that make me want to hurl... One of the kissing scenes in XXX with Vin Diesel, I can't bear with all the tongue and and gulping. He's going to eat her face off, he really is! Ewwww. I have to look away at that point.

The horror, the horror!

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