Thursday, November 23, 2006

Cross about crosses?

I understand better why it is so important to the woman concerned in the BA crucifix controversy, for her to wear a cross. She is a Coptic Christian with an Egyptian background.

This is significant because there are historic & current tensions between the Coptic Christian and Islamic population in Egypt. In 2005, there was a riot in which 3 Coptics were killed and a nun stabbed, following the showing of an anti-Islamic play at their church. Some of the Coptics have the Coptic cross tattooed on the inside of their wrist so that there is no possibility of them hiding their religion in everyday life. To me, this changes things slightly and I have more sympathy for her position.

However, I can see BA's point, as well. If jewellery is to be worn under the clothes for the company's image (and possible health and safety), you can't make exceptions. Hmmm. Most/all airlines have strict dress codes.

I wonder what BA's rules are about tattooes? (I expect visible ones would be a no-no).
I wonder why the cross she wants to wear is not the Coptic one? (I suppose they vary a bit).

I find the Daily M#!l exasperating. They continue to say "banned" when it is "concealed".

And in their Tuesday edition, they had the ArchBishop of York's comments as their front page ("Nonsense" is the title if you care), but felt the need for a sub-heading about his country of origin. How on earth is that relevant? Ooh look, a black ArchBishop: how can he be of York?! Is that what they're saying? Grummock.

Dr Sentamu's comments seemed a bit overboard to me, since BA's decision is scarcely undermining British heritage and the British don't actually owe a lot to Coptic Christianity. He also says "banned" when it's "concealed". All a bit over-played, if you ask me.

I do sympathise with Ms Ewedia's position more than I did, but since she has been offered other work with BA where she wouldn't have to conceal her cross, or she could wear the cross but keep it covered while on duty, I don't really think she's being treated as badly as is being made out.

Teach me to look at the Daily Hate.


Stegbeetle said...

Depressingly Wife reads "The Daily M**l" every day.
I find more well judged argument in "The Beano"!

Abby said...

Me and my hubby keep arguing about this British Airways story. I have sympathy for the woman, my husband doesn't.

Anonymous said...

My mum wants to know if they include your wedding & engagement rings - do these have to be concealed? They are after all jewellery....
And what about BA's dress code, surely veils & turbans are not listed as part of their code else all employees would have to wear them....? And what about all the other airlines, do they have this trouble?