Monday, August 14, 2006

V for Vendetta

Last night was the night for feeling alright: M and I had a couple of bottles of wine, a bag of Revels and watched V for Vendetta on DVD.

It was a brilliant film, we both loved it.

Its central themes are very apposite, to my mind. The concept that governments should be afraid of their people, not the people afraid of their government. That ideas cannot be killed. That we shouldn't allow fear to create an environment that will curtail our current & future freedoms. All of which seem very relevant to me.

Added to these thought-provoking ideas and its dark dystopic vision of Britain was a fair bit of swash-and-buckle, :D, and some fine acting. I don't usually rate Nathalie Portman much, but she was excellent. Her character had been criticised as changing personality in an unlikely way, but that reviewer said she became a kick-ass terrorist or something like that, and she did not. I think whoever it was that said that must have watched a different film to the one I saw.

The film was based on a graphic novel from the DC stable, and so was almost bound to end up in our DVD collection, as M collects comic-to-film adaptions, but we will be buying it on its own merits.

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