Monday, August 21, 2006

A study in the inane

The Oceangram site seems to be mentioned everywhere, on blogs, on forums, at the moment. It's the new fad on the block, I think.

It's quite a nice idea, sending virtual messages-in-bottles, but it just proves that very few people seem to have much worth saying. (Nice, aren't I? :D)

I find it brings out the pedant and grouch in me after a while. Not long at all in fact :D.

It's sort of interesting to open up these messages, in anticipation of something (profound? thoughtful? inspiring? heart-felt? educational?), but in the huge majority of cases, it isn't worth the effort of clicking.

How many times can you add your location without becoming bored? So I start wanting to make sarcastic & rude remarks: criticising their grammar and/or spelling, reprimanding them for their poor manners when they don't ask you to please keep their bottle going, asking them to try to make more effort and think about what they're writing.

I have to give up on it when I start feeling like that. :)

Of course, you may ask, what am I bringing to it that others are not? And there you'd have me stumped. :D

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