Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sneezles & Wheezels

I had to make an emergency appointment today for T, as he was wheezy with his cold. Yet another one.

The Doc said that he probably will be officially described as asthmatic in the near future: they don't diagnose that in under-twos, but after that age, they feel free to slap on the label. He prescribed some of the evil pink tablets (steroids) which you have to dissolve and disguise, or squirt down the back of the throat unexpectedly, as they taste disgusting. We also got a refill of the blue inhaler the hospital gave him last time.

And back we will go in a month, to see whether to get him on a preventer inhaler.

At least he's not as bad as S was with it at this age, and I know what to do. I'm not worried particularly: I'm an old hand at this. If we can control it, we won't have to do the A&E dashes we did with her.

So here's hoping.

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