Sunday, July 23, 2006

The news today, oh boy

I don't really understand what is happening in the Middle East: I'm no political analyst.

But I don't think bombing the shit out of the Lebanon will eradicate Hezbollah. Surely it will just be like cutting off one of Hydra's heads, except it'll grow dozens in its place? After all, if you were just someone with no particular political leanings, but then your country was getting obliterated and your family & friends being killed around you, would you go "Oh well, the bombing side must be right" or would you feel angry and resentful as well as terrified?

I find it alarming that Tony Blair & Bush are united in their positions on this, again. As though Iraq and Afghanistan having been working out so well.

It's all very frightening and sad.

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Abby said...

I feel the same way.

I'm annoyed because the so called Christians in charge of the USA actually believe that there is a prophecy that says that Christians must make sure that some Jews exist in Jerusalem or else the second coming won't happen, so they support Isreal uncritically, thus making the Israelis act like they've got all the balls in the world because they can do anything and the US will support it. It reeks of corruption and I can't believe how stupid the American Christians are who fall for this so called prophecy. I hope the next US govt is run by hardline atheists.