Thursday, July 27, 2006

Money can and can't buy me

"The Things Money Can Buy & What It Can't! ...

The 2 things which would most improve your quality of life: the first must be something that money can buy - though it can't cost more than 50K so sadly, mayfair appartments and carribean islands are out!

The second must be something that simply can't be bought - but it must not mean someone else having to do something against their will. "

I saw this somewhere, and thought I'd answer it here.

Money could give us a deposit on a house and an affordable mortgage. I'd like to have somewhere permanent to live. Just a small family home, somewhere we don't have to leave.

Money couldn't give me the nerve to take some risks: to try to get to know some more people & let them get to know me, to really go after the career I would like without being put off by the possibility of failing or not being good enough.

I'm pathetic! :D

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