Thursday, June 22, 2006

Skinny Cow (I wish)

Just sampled a Skinny Cow cookies and cream ice-cream lolly thing. It was not all I hoped for, but was pleasant. :) Only 1 and a half points according to my elderly WW points finder. So that's good.

I find I can't give up chocolate/sweet stuff altogether, and anyway it leads to me obsessing about it instead. 8) Having something like that at the end of the day rewards me sufficiently for sticking to my points. Although last night was a bit of a debacle with two bottles of wine. Argh. And I felt horrible all day, sick and fuzzy-headed.

Drinking is a bad thing, very bad. Evil, you might say. Eeeevviilllllllll.


Abby said...

the demon drink eh! :) Did you get my email?

Hippernicus said...

Yes thanks. :) My webmail's playing up today, so I can't reply. But will soon! :D