Friday, June 09, 2006

Marital strife!

M and I were talking about our fantasy house if we were millionnaires. Ahem 8) :D.

And we found we have a major disagreement. He is resistant to the idea of employing a cleaner: he reckons in our putative life of leisure, we could take an hour everyday to do a bit of housework to keep on top of it. I said that no way did I want to spend any time doing housework if we were in the position of being able to afford someone to do the worst of it. I hate housework, it's always there to do over straightaway after you've just done it! :D He reckons we'd have so much time on our hands it'd be something to do. I said I'd rather study for a PhD, read a book, write, paint, ride, learn a skill, write my blog, poke my own eyes out with sticks in that spare time!

It got quite heated!

And then we collapsed into laughter at the daftness of the quarrel.

Mind you, might be a divorcing matter when we become multi-millionnaires! :P ;)

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Abby said...

It's as well to sort out these issues before the millions start rolling in. Everything changes with big money, you know. :P I'm with you, I think if you can afford help then get help! I don't know about nannies though, I think I would prefer my own child rearing skills to someone else's.