Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dream a little dream of me

I had a very vivid dream last night. It was about Y and a night out going unpleasantly wrong.

I'm not a big fan of dream analysis as I don't think we're all the same and saying something represents a fear or whatever for everyone in a blanket way, just seems daft. Ie. "To dream that you sneeze, indicates a life of ease and joy". Eh? I don't think dreams necessarily have to have deeper meanings; why can't it just be the imagination having a good old time? :D

I do think that sometimes dreams can be the fruit our brains working through problems and presenting scenarios and how we might deal with them. And I think this one last night was that.

I am worried that if I get friendly with Y again, it'll all go horribly wrong, again. Why retread old ground? Yet I do feel sorry for her after all, she's had a rotten time and must be worried sick about her baby. So I'd like to support her in some ways.

I'll just have to keep my guard up. The thing about her is, that she appears to spill everything about herself and it encourages people around her to do likewise. Unfortunately I don't think she can be trusted as a confidante.

So why am I bothering? Don't know.

I think I should heed the dream scenario and keep it shallow, keep it light, on my side, if I start seeing her more.

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Abby said...

Who is Y? I can't think who that would be.

I'm being nosy! :)

I had a dream last night about J, and it was all about violent things happening to him and me coming to rescue him. What's that about. Sadly, my imagination is about as mysterious as "Murder She Wrote", I can usually trace the roots of my dreams very quickly!