Sunday, May 21, 2006

The slide into stupor

Yesterday, M created a lovely meal for a birthday tea for stepdad, Mum, us and their two guests at Mum's house. It was lovely and the kids were great; they stayed up late and were adorable rather than whiney or irritable, which they could have been.

I finally took them home at about quarter to 10, since the meal was going on a very long time: they'd had their ice-cream, but the adult dessert was going to be a while. They went to sleep almost instantly and then I had the house to myself. I wanted to continue drinking, as I'd had a couple of glasses of wine at Mum's, but fortunately I couldn't find the corkscrew. At the time, I was a bit miffed about that, but it's turned out for the good: no hang-over and given that M has only stirred from bed to be sick so far today, it's just as well. :)

M came to bed at an unspeakable hour, muttering darkly about being very angry with B, one of stepdad's guests. I don't know what that was all about and hardly dare ask. Was there an argument? Did it all turn sour? I've seen Mum to talk to this morning, but didn't like to bring it up. She emphasised that it had been a lovely meal, and all that, but didn't say anything bad had happened. Apparently M left about 2am and B went to bed soon after, while stepdad passed out downstairs.

I didn't want to ask her if anything had gone wrong really, cos I prefer to hear from M's perspective first. And I don't want to mention M's mutterings if it was something that he'd just been grumping about drunkenly to me, but hadn't expressed in their company.

So I guess I'll ask him when he drags himself out of his pit. Poor sod. I bet his mouth tastes like a sewer.

It's very unlike M to get wound up by people, but that's booze for you, things get out of proportion and the wheels come off sometimes. I don't suppose it was anything to worry about, just curious as to what was said.

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Abby said...

Oh! Mystery! You must find out for me and post further.