Friday, May 26, 2006

Knees up, Sylvia Browne

It's nice that someone finds great comfort in a belief. But when it is from an image depicted by a convicted fraudster, it's a bit worrying.

Of course, Sylvia Browne could be lying and dishonest in one part of her life and not in another, (or even wrongly convicted), I suppose.

But then, if the comfort the person finds is great in that belief instilled from dodgy sources, yet that belief is unlikely to harm them, (apart from in spending money on books/videos/etc), does it matter if it's potentially a load of hooey?

Would it be cruel to take pot-shots at this heroine of theirs?

Or would it be for their own good if they were to look at the source their information emanates from?


Abby said...

Who is Sylvia Browne? (Sorry, am I being thick?)

Hippernicus said...

No, you're not being thick. :) She's an American psychic/medium. She's written some books on spiritualism.

She was convicted of investment fraud in 1992.