Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Here I am, like a bird in the wilderness...

Well, it's been a while since I posted anything on here.

I was reading A's blog and it made me think about this blog of mine, so here I am.

I feel bad cos I haven't been in contact with A much for the last few weeks, when usually we talk regularly by MSN. But I've been avoiding using the PC as much as possible, as it takes over my life and I have a lot going on at home right now: I need to use my time differently. I was considering commenting on her blog, but not sure whether to use my blogger ID to do it, or whether to be "anonymous" (although I'd sign it, of course). I'd kind of like A to be able to read this, but some of the things I find amusing she might be annoyed by, and I don't want to louse things up between us.

Then again, part of who I am is annoying :): she probably accepts that about me to have been my friend this long. Hmm...

I like this blog for linking to things that interest me and/or make me laugh, and not sure whether I want anyone I know to read it. Not that I'm ashamed of anything on here, but just because it's my space for thinking about things I don't usually have time to spend on. Not that I have so far expanded much on any of the subjects :D.

It's been enough to sort of bookmark them for later... which may never come. I could do that in my favourites ... or even a piece of paper, I suppose! How low-tech, how revolutionary?!

But I like this as my online notebook.

I haven't told anyone about this blog so far ... and I don't expect anyone to read it, although it is public, obviously.

I'm not sure I want comments on it either. :D What if they were unflattering?!

My ego couldnae take it, captain!

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