Saturday, January 21, 2006

Pish and ebay

Dammit, got my first ever neutral feedback on ebay. #Sigh#

The person wasn't happy that I didn't leave feedback straightaway after his/her/its payment. It was merely a matter of time constraints and forgetfulness. So I could've been quicker, but it had only been a couple of days. I think it's ridiculous that he/she/it left a neutral over that. If the book had been damaged or in poor condition, or never delivered, or really slowly delivered, that would have been cause to get arsey.

Anyway, at least it wasn't a neg, and I suppose in after 150 transactions or so, you're bound to come across an arsehole eventually. The person had only 5 positive feedback and 2 negs, so you'd have thought he/she/it would be less eager with the strop button.

Oh well.

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