Wednesday, June 20, 2018


"I'm still not sure about this, what have I let you talk me into?" he said, eyeing the massive box.
Joe slapped him on the arm jovially: "Man, you're going to love it, absolutely love it - come on!"
He took a blade to the tape binding the package and started pulling it open, pulling out bubble wrap and polystyrene, all the while chattering about how top of the line the model was and how many features, and how Callum was really really going to love it, some more. His friend watched for a moment, felt his enthusiasm catch and soon was like a boy on the floor as well, unwrapping feverishly.

She really was beautiful, pale creamy skin, soft to the touch. She lay where they had placed her, on the bed, long hair streaming over the pillow, a sigh of breath escaping her lips. Callum stroked softly down from the line of her throat, over her breasts, her stomach and down to her glistening cunt.

"I'll leave you two alone," grinned Joe from the bed room door, and closed it.

Callum started to play. He ran through all the settings. He thought he would enjoy some of it more than he did - he had been excited about the 'play-rape' button, but she cried too much and he felt bad. Which felt strange, because she - it - was just a thing. But I guess people get attached to cars and inanimate objects, he told himself. He dried her tears, her flecked blue eyes staring back at him like mirrors - and he held her. Soon it turned into kissing and fucking, her little cries of pleasure driving him on as he reached the peak, coming hard inside her. He lay with her, breathing hard, warm, content.

After a while he started to feel uncomfortable and started to pull out of their cuddle. "It's alright, this detaches" she said, speaking for the first time.

And she dropped her arm off the side of the bed for later.

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