Monday, February 08, 2016


My painting,  I began it
It shone in my mind
And I could visualise each stroke
And flow of the paint and the brush
I could feel the tug of it in my hand
And I began

It's half done
And I know
That I will never pick up
The brush again to finish it
I may get out the white paint and slosh it over
Erase it from my sight
Though she will stay there behind that layer
And in my mind.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

"Bravery" in baring

Looking into the stillness of the mirror
And the light reflected in your eyes
I dance there, I dip, I writhe
In the river of dappled images
Silky tones of flow and flesh
All naked women:
Soft skin, pout and pose,
Breasts, lips, cunt exposed
All singing the same tune:
“Bravery” in baring.

And yes there is.
And yet, and yet

Yet female sexuality
Has always been
Bought and sold
And here we are, buying in
Having it sold
Back to us
As our privilege and power.
Yet it was ever thus.

Spitting the words 
“Empowerment” and 
When it looks no different
from “Exploitation” and 


If nudity is power, why don’t we see more generals in their pants? >.<

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Zika freaker

"Zika was a ploy to coerce abortion on a very Catholic anti abortion country. Government loves to make decisions for you. Just stop vaccinating babies in utero and poof, no microcephaly."

"It's easy, you round-heeled sluts. Sex is not a recreational activity. It is intended for PROCREATION. Fucking for Fun is not what God intended. So, unless you are willing to accept the consequences of your actions KEEP YOUR DAMN LEGS CLOSED."

The above are couple of comments on Facebook this morning about the Zika virus and abortion.

Some days I get worked up about these things and some days I just laugh my ass off.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

New keyboard

Inside me there is this bubble of happiness, tugging, lifting me, carrying me, and though there is lot to concern me and weigh me down, that irrepressible bubble is there. 

There is joy and friendship and love and family. We are warm and loving and silly together. Bubbles in the stream.

Remember when you are happy, acknowledge and sing it.

I let go the anchor. I’d been gripping on so hard and so long, my fingers didn’t know what it was to unbend and to feel the bloodflow.
Let the blood sing. 
Let the storm blow.
Let me spin and spin.